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Configuring TP-Link repeater from web browser for more security such as access-list etc. Point as a repeater to expand the range of your wireless network.

Whenever you purchase the TP-Link WiFi range extenders to amplify WiFi range for your network, you will need to connect your extender with the available . Mar 20- tp link router setup page login tplinklogin. Plug in the extender halfway between your router (Host Network) and the Wi-Fi dead zone.

Give your extender a unique network name (SSID). TP-Link_Extender_XXXXXX WiFi network; The computer should be redirected to tplinkrepeater. Mijn eigenlijke vraag: Hoe log ik in op tplinkrepeater. The extended network shares the same network name and password as your host network.

Примечание: Если вам не удастся успешно подключиться к доменному имени tplinkrepeater. A caixa de autenticação deverá aparecer solicitando login e senha, então digite o padrão admin.