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Altınla, şampiyonunun Adalet Meydanlarındaki performansını arttıracak eşyalar alabilirsin. Find information and stats about all the items in League of Legends. Players can discuss items and use them in strategy builds and guides to share with other .

Bu sayfanın çevirisini yapBlade of the Ruined King. An item is an artifact or object from Runeterran history and are featured in-game as enhancements for champions. A champion can only carry six items and a . Items list for League of Legends (LoL).

Users can view item winrate and popularity in charts, top champions for item and general item data. This tool is made as a replacement for the Item Set Editor in the new client for League of Legends. I always liked using customized sets, . Eki 20- Amongst the litany of changes coming to League of Legends in the 20preseason are champion updates, extensive changes to the jungle . Item Sets let you turn a champion’s Recommended Items into your own personal build. Riot Games SupportLeague of Legends BasicsIn-Game Features.

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