Qlik sense

Qlik Sense drives insight discovery with a data visualization app that anyone can use. Download for free and have your first interactive visualization running in . Bu sayfanın çevirisini yapQlik Sense Desktop lets you build interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards. Drag-and-drop makes integrating data, including Excel, from multiple . Qlik Sense Desktop gives individuals the power to create personalize interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards from multiple data sources with . Qlik Sense is developed with collaboration in mind. It provides tools to help create and develop a common understanding, support decisions, and influence . Self-service and guided analytics.

Explore your data intuitively, all in one place. Create smart visualizations with drag-and-drop ease. Learn how to get started with Qlik Sense Personal Edition on this tutorial page. Download freeware and create your first app in five minutes. Qlik Sense, bireyler, departmanlar ve kurumlar için tasarlanmış devrim niteliğinde bir self-servis veri görselleştirme ve veri keşfi . Use Qlik Sense Cloud to create and interact with Qlik Sense apps privately on any device, anywhere, anytime via secure Qlik hosting in the Cloud.

Mar 20- Qlik Sense is a smart and user-friendly analytics tools that can generate personalized reports and very detailed dashboards in an instant.