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Multiplayer online games bölümüne geç – Tencent Holdings Limited is a Chinese investment holding company whose subsidiaries provide media, . BenzerBu sayfanın çevirisini yapFounded in November, 199 Tencent is a leading provider of Internet value added services in China.

Since its establishment, Tencent has maintained steady . Bu sayfanın çevirisini yapQQ also introduces CM Show, which delivers tailor-made interactive experience for youngsters, in addition to comics, literature and game. Tencent – Gaming giant is building a massive eSports town in China.

Chinese gaming giant Tencent recently agreed to build an . Dünya oyun pazarının yüzde 50’sinden daha fazlasını elinde bulunduran Tencent Games Türkiye pazarına milyon dolarlık yatırım ve Strike of . Here you can find many games and articles relevant to your words. Nis 20- Tencent is refreshing its games platform for a global audience. Mar 20- Tencent’s game revenues rose to pass $billion in 201 significantly more than established rival publishers like Activision Blizzard.