The sims 1

Bu bölümde eski, orjinal The Sims’e bir geri dönüş yapıyoruz, bakalım eskiden nasılmış? Ara 20- The Sims Complete Collection PC,sims efsanesi hep ilgi çekmiştir isteyen arkadaşlarımızı kırmayalım dedik repack full komple sürümü . Sims ´de kolay olmakla birlikte aile ferdi artıkça bu işin zorlaştığını belirtmekte fayda var.

We use cookies on this site to give you the best experience possible. By continuing to use this site you accept our cookie policy. The Sims (sometimes referred to as The Sims TS or Sims 1) is a single-player interactive life simulation game, developed by Maxis and published by . Kate has updated with 1new items in Sims Walls and Floors.

If you’ve been stuck staring at a plain black screen instead of The Sims since upgrading to . Mar 20- Several cheat codes can be used in the first version of the Sims game. They’re so easy to apply that you’ll wish you would have seen this list .